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17 Apr

Be a Cretan!

Join me in Crete next month! Along with experts from around the globe, we will discuss The valuable food lessons of the Mediterranean-and eat some scrumptious fare-along with a  little vino! Read all about it here! Field to Plate in Boston News!...

15 Aug

Come to Spain, Save Your Brain!

This summer I will be participating in 2 great programs, both covering different aspects of the Mediterranean diet.  The program in Crete is an eight-day intensive, part of the field to plate series and aimed at culinary professionals, nutritionists, dietitians and hard-core foodies.  The program...

30 Apr


For those that have not seen it, here is the promo for Bikini Lifestyles television show. It is currently airing nationwide on selected PBS stations, please check your local listings. Here's the promo for episode 4, with yours truly! [wpvideo pwHWDla9]...

20 Mar

Happy Spring

Happy Spring! With spring comes the promise of a fresh bounty of fruits and veggies along with other seasonal goodies. A great  way to celebrate spring's arrival, and the still cool nights that accompany her entrance is with some fresh bean dishes. Beans and legumes...

20 Oct

It’s What’s in the Diet

Too often we look for a one shot quick-fix miracle cure. A super pill or super food as a panacea to, in one fell swoop, cleanse us of all our culinary sins and dietary indiscretions. Well, this ain’t that-but it is close. A recent study...